December *Special* — Recycled Asphalt


Recycled Asphalt $250/load

Tired of driving over rock? Take advantage of Morris Construction's December Special and overlay your base rock with recycled asphalt. Much more smooth and more durable when used over top of your base rock. Your drive will gain more life with less maintenance! Get it done before winter weather arrives!


Firewood & Pecan cooking wood also being delivered.



Fall is here and Winter is fast approaching. Don’t be stranded having problems getting in or out of your driveway.  If a heavy rain causes you a headache when it comes to your driveway, let us help you analyze the situation. Simply adding a little more material to your drive could fix the problem, or maybe you need some leveling, a swale, or a berm to alleviate the problem.   Read more


Morris Construction Company is proud to welcome you to our new website! We have been in business for many years servicing areas in Collin, Hopkins, Hunt, and Rockwall Counties and beyond.

We specialize in all kinds of dirt work: including rock, sand, dirt, recycled asphalt, etc. We have our own rock yard so we are able to keep stock on-hand which allows us to service our clients quickly. We can deliver, spread, and complete any job in a timely manner. We can construct new driveways, repair old ones, fix drainage issues, construct house pads for new home constructions, create a pool pad for your above ground pool, dig trenches, and so much more.

We even clear land. If you have trees or brush you need cleared away, give us a call!

We also sell storage containers. If you’re looking for an easy, convenient storage unit to place on your own property, check out our containers.


we sell firewood!