Culvert & Driveway Installation (Hunt County)

If you live in Hunt County and would like to have Morris Construction install a new driveway and/or culvert, please read the following.


  1. If access is off  a State Highway or Farm to Market road, apply for a permit through the Texas DOT.  If your drive will be accessed from a county road, go to your Hunt County Permits Office.
  2. You will receive the culvert size with your approved permit.
  3. Contact Morris Construction with your requirements at 903-413-8699 or 469-307-3039.  We can deliver and install all required materials.
  4. Concrete Safety Ends are required on all culverts being installed off of a State Hwy or Farm to Market road.

State Hwy or FM access:  Access Management Manual: Driveway Permits, Design, and Materials

TxDOT Contacts Telephone
Noel Paramanantham, P.E., District Engineer (903) 737-9206
General Information (903) 737-9300
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1365 N. Main Street
Paris, TX 75460
Fax (903) 737-9214
Mailing Address
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Office Location Area Engineer Address & Telephone
Greenville Tommy Henderson, P.E. 3001 I-30 East
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(903) 455-2363

County Road accessHunt County Commissioners Court

Culvert Installation
Hunt County requires culverts installed on county roads be sized by a representative of the county. Culverts installed are a minimum of thirty feet long and the county representative, usually the Commissioner or the road foreman, determines the diameter. The county does not install culverts on new installations.
If you should have any questions please contact the Hunt County Commissioner’s office at 903-408-4195.
Culvert Permit Form